Live interaction with experienced Tutors working on Projects. Hands on Training on Production Grade platforms. Books to explain the concepts lucidly and stand as a good reference. Develops ability to understand and easily architect and plan a launch of complex Blockchain bases applications in a variety of real-life scenarios. Degree that is certified by Industry’s well – known professionals & a reputed Organisation.

Fee per Learner: INR 60000/-  (Free for CBP students. CBP is prerequisite for CBSC)

How it Works

Here is what you will learn from our Course content:


Real life Use case with links to videos, webinars and Explanatory videos from Platforms.


Curated Whitepapers for clearly grasping the Subject & Practical implementation


Interaction with Blockchain Practitioners and guidance to launch our next Blockchain project

Course Curriculum

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Blockchain Use cases
  • Blockchain Key concepts and Use cases
  • Blockchain based Marketplace- Honeywell case study
  • How Blockchain transforms the Automotive Industry- Renault case study
  • Blockchain to improve efficiency and transparency in a coffee bean supply chain- IBM case study
  • Blockchain based Secured Document Authentication- Tymlez
  • Big Data & Blockchain Driven Supplychain
  • End to end Pork Traceability on Hyperledger Sawtooth- Unilever Casestudy
Blockchain Protocols
  • DLT & Hedera
  • Building Applications using Hedera Consensus Service
  • Hedera Token Service - Digital Twins on Distributed Ledger
  • Hedera Hash Graph & its working
  • Deploying Hyperledger Fabric on Cloud - Storage and Network Deep-dive
  • Building Hyperleger Fabric Network Walkthrough by Bernard Wenzel
  • How does Bitcoin Blockchain work under the Hood
  • Coding a Blockchain with PoW in Java
  • Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Founder on Decentraisation
  • Ethereum BlockChain Programming with Solidity, Truffle, MetaMask
  • What is R3 Corda Distributed Leger?
  • R3 Corda- Demo of Application in Finance sector
  • Untitled Chapter
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth -An introduction
  • Ripple- Cross Borer Payments on a Permissioned Blockchain
Implementing Blockchain Application
  • Blockchain As a Service-Katie Ashton, Director CGI talking on Blockchain in Supply Chain
  • Barcode Versus Blockchain
  • Blockchain for Corporate Sustainability
  • Launching DAPPS using Stezy Platform
  • Blockchain based Vaccine Cloud- Demo
  • Melissa Boudreault, Vice President - Healthcare, CGI explaining Blockchain usecase
DAML - Reimagining DLT Smartcontracts -Use cases
  • Blockchain agnostic Smart Contracts
  • Decentralised Data Exchange using DAML Smart Contract Language
  • DAML Smart Contracts, COVID-19, & Verifiable Credentials Webinar
  • DAML on Hyperledger

The demand for Blockchain based solutions is increasing rapidly and it is imperative for all professionals to gain a solid understanding of the subject and prepare for the future

The course is designed to introduce you to the concept of Blockchain and explain different types of Blockchain like Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger and R3 Corda and Industry use cases.

The course will provide an overview of the structure and mechanism of Blockchain. Once you complete the course, you will be assessed by a Robot examiner at your convenience before issuing Course certificate, verifiable on a Blockchain, instantly from anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive curriculum to understand all key topics
Real Use cases implemented across domains 
6 hours live interaction in a month with experienced Mentors
Curated PDFs & White Papers  &   resources to help in your  Blockchain journey
Robot examiner assessment  for certification.
Networking & Blockchain verifiable Certificates

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Here’s everything you get when you enroll:

Instant Access to the course

Course completion certificate post successful completion, verifiable on Blockchain

Periodic Guidance benefits via video and audio coaching from our expert

Community support and group learning experience with a vibrant group of like-minded students

Complete course to make you learn the various aspects & dimensions of Blockchain to kickstart a career /start-up

Online Course Fee:  Rs 60000+ Tax 

About Program Director

Srinivas Mahankali is the author and Blockchain Practitioner. He has written over 10 books and has worked extensively in Blockchain and Emerging Technologies domain.

An alumnus from IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore, Srinivas has over 30 years industry experience of which 12 years is in leading IT Solutions in Indian Private & BSE listed organisations. He has taken an active role in promoting Blockchain across Government of India as the one of the first employees to lead Blockchain at NISG an organisation promoted by NASSCOM and Government of India.

As the Program Director of the first University certified Post Graduate course in Blockchain in India Srinivas mentored over 500 students across globe. He has authored over 10 books on Blockchain and emerging technologies including the World’s first book to be translated into a Chinese language from English, by Artificial Intelligence bots, Blockchain- The Untold Story. He has also authored books, Blockchain for Non-IT Professionals, Blockchain & Smart cities.

All successful students will get a e-copy/ kindle copy of Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals / Blockchain & Governments, authored/co-authored by Srinivas Mahankali.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this program for? What will it do for me?

This program is specially designed for anyone desirous of learning the advanced concepts in Blockchain to perform in various corporate roles like Blockchain Consultant, Solution Architect, Analyst, Business Development, Consortium Governance Professional etc.

2. What If I am already a working professional? Should I still pursue this course?

Yes, you can still join the course and learn at your own pace. When you start the course and go through all the coaching materials, you gain new insights and learning.  The various uses cases and Whitepapers bring you up-to date with the latest technological developments in the enterprise Blockchain application development space. We aim to trigger your passion to investigate further on your own and develop your career in the emerging technology domain as a curious and competent professional.

3. How is this course different to other online courses?

This course has been designed specifically to cater to those Passionate about Blockchain. Those wishing to learn about the same need to go through this course to gain insights, explore case studies and strategies around the Blockchain business market in India and abroad.

4. Are there any Prerequisites for the courses?

IT fundamentals for Blockchain course is a Prerequisite for Certified Blockchain Professionals (CBPs).

CBP is a Prerequisite Program for CBSC program.  All recipients of CBP certificate will get a 100% discount coupon for CBSC program. 

5. What kind of support is available via the Customer Support?

We have a robust team available for support whenever you need any assistance. Using award-winning Customer Support platform “Freshdesk”, Luxury Connect is able to provide unparalleled support catering each individual participant. Should you need any more details, we are always available [email protected] 

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